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9 HIPS plastic market outlined

9 HIPS plastic market outlined

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Market Review and Forecast []
Yesterday HIPS plastic individual market prices, the upstream air more news stalemate, adding to the industry's confused emotions, the downstream demand continues to slump, partly to discuss the focus go soft, solid single turnover is rare. HIPS is expected today, finishing the main market.
[] Around the Market
Ningbo PS market confusion on the sidelines, Leiden 525 reported 9050 yuan / ton from mentioning; Shunde PS market-based light stable, trading atmosphere stalemate, Dushanzi 500NT reported 8900-8950 yuan / ton.
Petrochemical [price]
Name brand manufacturers Price Change Remarks
HIPS 466F BASF-YPC 97000
HIPS 476L BASF-YPC 97000
HIPS 514P Secco 84500 listing
HIPS 622P Secco 103,000 listed
HIPS 688 100 000 Jiangsu Leiden
HIPS 825 Panjin Ethylene 93000
HIPS 8250 Ningbo Formosa Chemicals 108 000
HIPS CH660 Guangzhou Petrochemical 95000 Pricing
HIPS CH990 Zhanjiang new Sino-US 97500
HIPS PH88 Zhenjiang Chi Mei 105,000 to the price
HIPS PH-888G Zhenjiang Chimei 106,000 to the price
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